• Awakening Diana

    Awakening Diana

    The performance is a dialogue with the statue of Diana, the park and the surrounding space. Through the act we bring Diana alive and make her an active part of the present moment and surrounding. The performance is also communicating between different values of yesterday and today, and bringing forth the question of womens role in public spaces.

    Photo Jan Ahlstedt.

  • Brushwood


    Brushwood is a performance done at the Performance Art Oslo Festival. The theme for the festival was Sound and Silence. The performance has elements of our heritage, the landscape of our grandmothers in the 1940's. We used genuine 1940's dresses, traditional crispbread and white sugar which was rationed in those days. Through the course of the performance subtle noises and small acts take turn.

    Photo Bjarte Bjørkum.

  • Hommage to Carrie and Vermeer

    Hommage to Carrie and Vermeer

    The performance is a salute to the fictive character Carrie in Stephen Kings novel, and the painter Johannes Vermeer. It's a combination of popular culture and art history, of drama and tranquility and different projections of female roles.

  • Birchwomen


    Birchwomen are two performance characters that we have used several times in different surroundings. For us birches represent a connection to nature, a gate between sacred and earthly, body and mind. As bodies we are not only private but part of nature and humanity. We mirror our being, our bodies to the birch frame, the birch body. The birch can also be a destination for the viewer to mirror themselves.

    Photo Jan Ahlstedt

  • Affinity


    In the performance Affinity we are similarly dressed and in our acts we display meanings of the word affinity; attraction, likenness, relation, bond, empathy, paralellism and association.

    Photo Laura Myllykangas

  • Sweet child o' mine

    Sweet child o' mine

    In the performance Sweet child o' mine we are both adults and children. It is about an inner childhood, projections and shared common memories.

  • Stripped


    In the performance we meet and part amongst the crowd over and over again. During our encounters we change from dark uniforms to white uniforms, until at the very end one strips down revealing a skeleton and the other punctures balloons with color so that color poures down over the face.

    Photo Stella Ojala

  • Gardeners


    The performance Gardeners is a variation of Hugo Simbergs painting ”Garden of Death”. In the performance two figures walk, dance and do small manouvres in a garden, one in a hooded black mantle and the other in a balldress and painted as a skeleton.

  • Duet/Duel


    Duet/duel is a performance about the fine lines between togetherness and separation, sisterhood and competition.

    Photo Caroline Koss

  • Mulier Vulgaris

    Mulier Vulgaris

    Mulier Vulgaris is a performance on a series of dia-slide photographs. The pictures depict different stereotypes; the victorian woman, the child woman and the wild woman. The figures are put in contrast to their surrounding, for example the victorian woman at a modern maternity hospital or the wild women in an art museum.

  • Vierges Folles

    Vierges Folles

    Vierges folles is a performance for the camera. Two 1800th century women in trench coats drag a many metres long cloth through the streets of a town, cleaning and toiling without a visible purpose.

  • Manners; At Work

    Manners; At Work

    Our final work at the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki was called Manners and was divided into three performances. At work was the second performance. In the performance a good and a bad nurse pushes around a giant baby pram and ask passersby to take a nap in it, whilst the nurses sing lullabies and read behaviour etiquette rules from a book.



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